Our Impact

Since the start of The Jiselle Lauren Foundation in 2019, we have been able to support our mission and make an impact in the lives of others by donating and granting $115k as of April 1, 2022. These funds have gone to 34 families and  4 organizations.  So take a look below and help us celebrate the impact we have been able to make in the past few years. 



The Start of The Jiselle Lauren Foundation

The Jiselle Lauren Foundation spent its first year establishing our signature fundraising event, a golf tournament called Scramble for Smiles.  We had around 40 participants in our inaugural event and was overwhelmed by the support of our new journey.  WIth this support, we were able to raise $44k in our first year.


The First Grant Process

2020 turned out to be a year that no one expected with the start of the pandemic hitting us in Middle Tennessee shortly after our 1 year anniversary.  However, it was also a year of significance for us because we had our very first grant process!  2020 was the year we were able to do the following:

* Honor our mission to support Rett Organizations by making our very first donation of $6k split between 2 Rett Syndrome Organizations.

* In late August we granted out $39k to 12 families with special needs kiddos and 1 organization. We were even able to help a little girl in India get an eye gaze device!

* We held our 2nd Annual Scramble for Smiles Golf Tournament in September and paired it with an event celebrating our supporters the weekend prior.  

*We were able to raise about $46k in donations in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic and with the world being shut down.



The Addition of a Fundraising Dinner

With a successful 2020 behind us, we held our first ever fundraising dinner, Farm to Table for the Differently Abled, which turned out to be a smashing success.  

* We worked on getting the word out about us in 2021 by participating on podcasts and partnering with other organizations here in Middle Tennessee, like Disability Day on the Hill.

*We held a mini grant process in Q1 and granted out almost $4k to three families for equine therapy.

*Our first ever fundraising dinner was held in June.  We had 88 attendees and raised $12,000.

*August brought our 3rd Annual Scramble for Smiles Golf Tournament where we had over 80 participants and we raised another $8k.

*November brought us another grant process where we granted out $55k to 22 families and 1 organization.

*In total, we were able to raise $70k in strictly donations.


A Year of Growth

We are not 100% sure of what 2022 will bring when it is all said and done, but we sure hope it is a year of growth!  

*In February, we made a $15k donation split between 3 Rett Syndrome organizations, which aligns with out mission.

*We are holding our 2022 Spring Soirée at the end of April, which will be our 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner.

*Our 4th Annual Scramble for Smiles Golf Tournament will be held in September.

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