Jiselle's Story



Jiselle’s journey has not been easy.  Around 10 months of age, her family realized she was not achieving the normal developmental milestones.  She and her family have been through multiple visits to various specialists, along with ongoing therapies throughout Middle Tennessee.  Jiselle receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy through her school and through private therapy organizations.  After years of uncertainity, Jiselle was formally diagnosed with a rare disorder when she was 3 ½ years old.  The process has been hard on both Jiselle and her family, but you would never know it based on Jiselle's sweet smile and infectious loving personality.  She and her family will not let this diagnosis keep them down!

The Jiselle Lauren Foundation was born from a desire to help a little girl live a life to her full potential.  Jiselle's family realizes that they are fortunate to have a great support system for sweet Jiselle; they also know that many families facing disability are not so lucky.  This foundation was launched to help families in Middle Tennessee and beyond meet the needs of their children with disabilities and help them live life to their full potential through financial and community support.

Scramble for Smiles is the signature fund raising event for The Jiselle Lauren foundation.  It started by combining Jiselle's family's two passions: Jiselle's smile and golf.  The purpose of Scramble for Smiles is to spend a day on the golf course celebrating all that life has to offer no matter what what your challenges are -- just as Jiselle does every day.  Scramble for Smiles allows The Jiselle Lauren Foundation to raise money to help kiddos with needs, including Jiselle, reach their full potential.  This day of celebration is the best way we can honor sweet Jiselle, as it is a perfect symbol of all that Jiselle is.

The Jiselle Lauren foundation an IRS certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Money raised will be for two purposes*:

Donating funds to national foundations for Jiselle’s diagnosis.  These organizations do amazing things to accelerate research for a cure and empower families with information, knowledge and connectivity.

Improving the experience and potential for all special needs children right here in Jiselle’s home community of Middle Tennessee.

*The JLF Board reserves the right to determine how funds will be allocated as the foundation continues to grow.


Anyone that has had the chance to meet Jiselle Lauren can tell you that knowing sweet Jiselle simply makes your own life better.  She is the most precious & sweet little girl.  Jiselle loves her friends, eating yummy food (not yucky food -- she will let you know!), and all things Disney.  Most of all, Jiselle loves her amazing family and friends.  Truly, she has never met someone that she doesn’t love.  She may not be able to speak, but her smiling face will tell you she truly embraces and loves life!